The International Camouflage Uniform Society

The International Camouflage Uniform Society is a dedicated association of collectors, researchers, curators, museologists, and friends with a shared interest in the study of military camouflage patterns and combat uniforms.

We have the largest database of research information in the world, and a growing international membership. The society functions as a venue for research, as well as an exchange network for purposes of trading, buying, and selling of uniforms.


Enrolment into the International Camouflage Uniform Society is by invitation.

Contact Mr Eric H Larson for further information on becoming a member, or visit this link:


12 responses

3 09 2009
Kenny Lin

Hello, I am Kenny, I love to collect camo uniform all over the world.

23 09 2009
Dom Hyde

Hi Kenny, good to see you on here!

26 09 2009
Kenny Lin

Hi, China got new airborne digital camo, very beautiful.

21 09 2009

I am a camo nut, love different types of camo from armies of the world, fav is american woodland, but multi-cam is really good. This pattern seems good too.

23 09 2009
Dom Hyde

Hey, thanks Richard.

Why U.S. Woodland? Never could see the attraction myself (I think that because it is so copied, it has become the standard for generic camouflage worldwide).

22 09 2009

Just cam across your site. Nice job. I re-blogged you face compact photo.
Also checked out your company page, nice camo garments.
I just flash images and avoid the detail that you have given on your site; two paths, one goal. To show the world how great camo is.
Keep up the good work.

23 09 2009
Dom Hyde

Thanks Julia! 2 paths, 1 goal. I like what you do there: Keep the faith, kiddo!

17 12 2009

i love the us army ucp delta hope it gets picked for the camos

26 03 2010

Hi everyone, I’m Caleb, also very passionate about the array of comuflage patterns about. I’m a student, and unfortunately my love of camo gets in the way of my note-taking. Often i make lists of camos and different colour schemes etc…
Fav patterns would be 03 Plateau chinese ‘brown flecktarn,’ KA2 (esp the PSD urban colour scheme as a laugh, but others for functionality), Russian Partizan in autumn varient, hyperstealth’s work, Roggenwolf’s work, Hyde’s stuff and the other leading designers. ALso 07 Chinese stuff, ANA’s pattern, and Serbia’s MD Dragon pattern amoungst many others.
Hope to be a part of this society soon!

22 02 2011

hello im amin . please see Iran camo page on camopedia .

27 08 2012
Linden Fulcher

Hi my name is Linden, I have been told about this site, I collect mostly Vietnam Era gear although one has a fare bit of the more “modern” stuff ABU,woodland,desert etc. I would like to join however for some reason I cant get to joining page or to any e-mail page via available Links on here, client not installed apparently, could you please advise alternative route, via here or e-mail, thanks.

27 08 2012
Dom Hyde

Hi Linden, glad you followed up after our chat at Pensthorpe! I’m sorry the links on here aren’t working for you. Here is a direct link to the Society’s intro page, which has an email link for membership requests. I hope you’ll have more luck with that, and I look forward to welcoming you to the ICUS forum.

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