scientists claim closer to success with invisibility shield

20 08 2008

Looks like a great story, doesn`t it? From scence fiction to science fact. But the full scoop from Defence Tech is another example of “nothing to see here, move along please”.

There is a pie in the sky - can you see it?

There is a pie in the sky - can you see it?

The article states that

according to Dr. Richard Hammond, a theoretical physicist with the Optical Physics and Imaging Science department of the Army Research Office, engineers are closer than they’ve ever been to developing a material that can bend light around an object rendering it invisible to certain wavelengths — light being one of them.

It claims

there are some significant obstacles to making a usable “invisibility cloak,” however.

But get this:

“in early applications we could shield an object from radar,” Hammond added.

So apparently some boffins have reinvented RAM (radar absorbent material) as used on stealth planes and ships. Whoopee-frickin`-doo!

Hey, you know what? I`ve come up with this great concept: It`s basically a disc with a hole in the middle. I think if you put some sort of rod through the hole you could rotate the disc around it, and if you had a disc on the other end, you would be able to hold the rod off the ground with them. I call it a centrally rotating axial perambulation device. I`m sure there must be thousands of practical applications for it. Perhaps the guys at the Army Research Office could find a use for it. If they haven`t already invented it, that is.