help get these tactical chucks made!

31 01 2010
"Tactical Chucks"

Pic courtesy of ITS

Bryan, over at the ITS blog, is making an appeal to all readers with an interest in seeing Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star high-top basketball shoes become available in a tacti-cool olive colour. What would make him want to do that? Click on over to his gig and find out!


Christmas in camo? Multicam bathrobes cover all bases

9 12 2008

Saw this on Soldier Systems and just had to share it with you: If you already have some camouflaged toilet paper, but need to remain tactical when travelling to and from the bathroom, these bathrobes (dressing-gowns in the UK) manufactured in Multicam fabric should do the job. Multicam is designed to be effective in many environments, which maybe even includes the bedroom or bathroom, who knows?


They are made by Wilderness Tactical Products and come in short or long flavours, as shown.

I’m offering a prize for the best caption to this pic (photo courtesy of Wilderness Tactical Products) – post your suggestions in the comments box.

camo compact

18 08 2008
Rothco camo compact

Rothco camo compact

Rothco, well known for their outdoor and camouflage products, recently introduced this handy facepaint compact in 3 camouflage colours (that vaguely match the UCP theme of the tin). What`s good about this is its size and shape – it`s smaller than most rectangular compacts, and doesn`t have corners to poke you in your soft bits and wear through your pockets. Truly a compact compact. You ladies might have to wait a while for matching lipsticks, however.

camo bog roll

17 08 2008

camouflaged toilet paper

camouflaged toilet paper

The perfect gift for a camo nut, or a clandestine camper. Don`t go into the bushes without this roll of 200 sheets of 3-ply camouflage toilet paper, from Baron Bob. More importantly, don`t come back out of the bushes without it!