current camo compendium

7 02 2010

In the spirit of the recent trend toward an increase in the thought and development of  uniforms for troops, including the design of features as well as camo patterns,  Strike-Hold! has posted loads of great pictures in an article about 21st Century camo uniforms.


"Call that a knife? THIS is a knife!"


dreamin’ of a white christmas?

23 12 2009
Finnish snow camo

Finnish M-05 snow camo on Strike-Hold!

Over at Strike-Hold!, Lawrence has been as busy as Santa’s elves collating a wish-list of  currently available (although how available might depend on who you are!) snow camouflage. Have you written your letter to QM Claus yet? If not, check it out!

camouflage – the exhibition comes to Canada

11 06 2009

Anyone who got to see the Camouflage exhibition at the Imperial War Museum a couple of years ago will appreciate what a treat is in store for those able to make it to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa this summer. The IWM exhibition has travelled across the pond, and is set to inform and inspire new audiences young and old with its immersive display of concealment techniques, from their hand painted origins in the First World War through to the ultra-modern trend for uniforms designed and manufactured with the aid of sophisticated computer programs.

fashion meets function at the Canadian War Museum's camo exhibition

fashion meets function at the Canadian War Museum's camo exhibition

Follow the link to see more about Camouflage, the exhibition – from battlefield to catwalk.

Unfortunately the exhibition has no examples of the PenCott digital multi-environment camouflage, since the pattern was still being trialled when the Imperial War Museum originally presented the show. However, the two British camoufleurs who inspired Hyde Definition’s creative approach to the design of PenCott feature prominently in the Second World War gallery – Professor Hugh Cott, scientist; and artist Sir Roland Penrose. They offered solutions to the problem of concealment from two sources – that of zoological evolution and of visual psychology. At Hyde Definition we combined these points of view, and thus named the pattern in memory of Penrose and Cott: PenCott.

Camouflage is presented by the Canadian War Museum in partnership with the Imperial War Museum, from June 4, 2009 to January 3, 2010.

the lizard is back

18 05 2009

US company EOTAC recently released a retro-styled jacket sporting a reproduction of the French Lizard pattern of the late 1950s and early 1960s (as used in Algeria, and in a darker, jungle coloured, version widely believed to be the precursor to the famous Vietnam era Tiger-stripe camouflage).

The Eotac Lizard pattern jacket

Eotac Lizard camo jacket, via Soldier Systems

To follow this, they have just put out a field vest in a complimentary French Mle 56 style (actually the same style as the jacket, but sleeveless). Visit Soldier Systems for more information about this interesting offering.

Land Rover ad campaign courts military

31 08 2008

These eye-catching digital images by ad-agency Rees Bradley Hepburn form part of an advertising campaign commissioned by Land Rover, aimed at high ranking government and military officials.

Very slick, but the camouflage is possibly a little too similar to the CCE (Camouflaged Cheese Eater’s) pattern of the Surrender Monkey’s.

Still with me? Good. These ads are yet to appear online, so thanks to Casualty of Design for the scoop!