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18 08 2008
Rothco camo compact

Rothco camo compact

Rothco, well known for their outdoor and camouflage products, recently introduced this handy facepaint compact in 3 camouflage colours (that vaguely match the UCP theme of the tin). What`s good about this is its size and shape – it`s smaller than most rectangular compacts, and doesn`t have corners to poke you in your soft bits and wear through your pockets. Truly a compact compact. You ladies might have to wait a while for matching lipsticks, however.

digitally camouflaged phone tower

17 08 2008

Having myself just completed a contract to design a pixellated “digital” camo scheme for a privately owned wind turbine, I found this press release by my North American competitor Guy Cramer, of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp (I`m guessing he just loves sci-fi!), interesting:

Invisible Towers (See: Invisible Towers).has acquired an exclusive license from HyperStealth to wrap cellular towers within the United States with HyperStealth Camouflage patterns using the HyperStealth “Consealment” 3M Printed Adhesive Vinyl. In 2007 Invisible Towers won an industry wide award for Innovation after wrapping two towers in 2006 with HyperStealth Consealment Camouflage to meet regulatory and/or community approval.

The four color HyperStealth Cloudcam version used on the Baltimore cellular tower uses White, Tan, Gray and Sky Blue as the only concealment required is for the variable sky conditions.

Cloudcam pattern on a Cellular tower being erected in Baltimore.

Cloudcam pattern on a Cellular tower being erected in Baltimore.


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