why afghanistan matters – photo competition

31 03 2010

I just discovered an online competition on the theme of Why Afghanistan Matters. The Allied Joint Forces Command HQ Brunssum (which provides oversight to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan) has been looking for original photos of the country, its people, and those who are fighting to free them from Taliban tyranny.

The competition has just closed, so too bad if you wanted to enter, but have a look at, and vote for, some of the stunning entries already uploaded in the four categories of People of Afghanistan, Beautiful Afghanistan, ANSF in Action (Afghan National Security Forces) and ISAF in Action.

Before this, between June and November last year, JFCB hosted a video contest on YouTube.  The assignment was to create a short video on the same theme of  “Why Afghanistan Matters.”  View the winners here.

Voting ends April 30.

(Image via Why Afghanistan Matters)