a-tacs for airsofters

20 05 2011

Can’t get decent quality A-TACS gear for love or money? Well, I can’t help you there, but you might like to know that Ebairsoft have a look-alike pattern in an ACU cut, due soon.

No prices have been posted, but it is sure to be cheaper than Propper, and being as how Propper use  similar (if not the same) polyester-cotton ripstop and off-shore sewing firms, the quality might not be far below theirs, either.

If you really can’t be bothered to wait, or don’t want to risk your money on an unquantified product, you can try the tip posted by Jose Palleres on Ebairsoft’s comments page for the product:

“i have A-tac already. rolled my tan jumpsuit around in mud dirt sand and dust.”

Oh Jose, you card!!