new multi-terrain camouflage patterns

7 06 2010

Hyde Definition announces new PenCott multi-terrain camouflage patterns and revised licensing rates

New patterns have been specifically optimised for arid and semi-arid terrain – the most common and most likely operational environments for military assistance and special operations forces.

Newly revised licensing rates have been developed which make it even simpler and easier for companies to produce their own clothing and equipment designs in the PenCott camouflage pattern.

7 June 2010 – Hyde Definition Ltd. announces the release of two new multi-terrain camouflage colourways based on the proven PenCott multi-environment camouflage pattern.  The new semi-arid environment “PenCott-Badlands” and arid environment “PenCott-Sandstorm” patterns have been specifically created to provide superior camouflage, and thus a tactical edge, for personnel operating in these environments.


Simulation of PenCott "Sandstorm" pattern

Arid and semi-arid regions cover more than a third of the earth’s land mass and pose a distinct set of challenges to military forces – and especially camouflage designers. These regions are also the locations of the majority of armed conflicts that account for 1,000 deaths per year or more. These types of terrain therefore represent a very real operational requirement for uniforms and equipment optimised for use in these challenging environments.

The PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage pattern uses a unique, digitally-enhanced mixture of blending and disrupting techniques, and has been specifically designed to:

  • conceal more effectively at all typical engagement distances
  • conceal more effectively at much closer distances than other patterns
  • conceal more effectively in multiple environments and terrains
  • dramatic improvement in concealment over previous generation patterns

Effective camouflage defeats the ability of the observer to detect or recognise the wearer as something of interest. But typical disruptive pattern camouflage can sometimes weaken the effect by introducing colours or shapes that look alien to a particular environment.

"PenCott Badlands Afghanistan simulation"

Simulation of PenCott "Badlands" pattern

PenCott’s unique digital fractal design dithers four terrain-optimised contrasting colours – creating a combination of soft, blended and hard edges for a more natural-looking texture, and the illusion of a wider spectrum of colour tones.

The complex PenCott pattern is harder for the human eye to process, and recognisable shapes such as limbs and head-gear – or the lines of pocket edges – become more difficult to detect and recognise. PenCott disguises the wearer so effectively that he or she appears to literally melt in to the terrain.

The original PenCott-GreenZone pattern rapidly established a reputation of being “probably the best temperate/tropical terrain camouflage pattern in the world” (to paraphrase the famous beer adverts). Now the release of the “Badlands” and “Sandstorm” colourways means that special operations forces can enhance their tactical edge in those regions where they’re most likely to be deployed.

The new simpler, easier, revised scale of licensing fees makes it even easier for companies to produce their own clothing and equipment designs in the PenCott camouflage pattern. For further information, contact:

About Hyde Definition
Headquartered in East Anglia in the UK, Hyde Definition has a young, loyal and dedicated team who strive to deliver cutting edge concealment solutions for personnel, materiel, vehicles and buildings.

Founded in 2007, the company undertakes camouflage design commissions and licensing agreements worldwide.

Visit the website




9 responses

8 06 2010

I really like the “Badlands” one, Dom. The lady standing there smiling made me LOL.

9 06 2010

You know of course that the Badlands image is a fake. The woman is CLEARLY photoshopped into the image. This leaves me questioning the claims of the company… A serious legitimate company does NOT FAKE PHOTOS, PERIOD! As a blogger you need to call these company out for this and have them provide a real photograph of their camo in the field and not a fake photoshop image.


9 06 2010
Dom Hyde


18 06 2010

cMason – are you serious? As it clearly says, these are new designs for patterns – and that the images are simulations to provide an idea of why they would be effective. They are not “fake” – no one is making any claims that they are real photos, in fact they’re clearly labelled as simulations.

And for your information, virtual prototyping, visual simualtions, and “artists renditions” are used by loads of very serious legitimate companies every day.

On the other hand, if you own a textile printing company and want to produce some real cloth to make up into uniforms….

18 06 2010
Decent Weasel

What’s that internet law, is it Poole’s Law, that states that you can’t tell a serious opinion from a joke unless you’re told ahead of time?

10 06 2010

Good stuff Dom.
Looking forward to seeing how it stands up to battleline useage.

10 06 2010
the coops

When can i buy them ?

15 06 2010


Green PenCott;
Light Grey
Bright Green
Dark Brown

Dark Brown
Coyote Brown

Dark Brown
Grey colour
Light Sand

You have chosen very effective colours but the proportions could do with adjustment.
Like with the Green PenCott when you transposed the Light Grey and Ochre and made the Brown darker,
I would suggest;

Badlands; transposing the Sand for either the Olive or Dark Brown, depends if you want hardly any olive or dark brown, if you chose the olive you could have a brighter green because there would not be much green.

Sandstorm; make the brown lighter, I would think the tone should be half way between the Grey colour and the Light Sand.

17 06 2011
Jack Napiare

They look good, but better? I don’t know about that one.

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