new australian camo to be trialled

25 05 2010

New photos on the Australian Department of  Defence (DoD) website show a variation of their armed forces’ iconic ‘bunny’ or ‘jelly bean’ Disruptive Pattern Uniform (DPU). The colourway looks to be optimised for semi-arid regions like Afghanistan, and according to a source at the International Camouflage Uniform Society

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) developed a mid point colour set that may better meet the range of environments that deployed troops are encountering, particularly within Afghanistan.
In December 2009, the Chief of Army directed an in-theatre trial of the new pattern to confirm its effectiveness. This uniform is referred to as Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU). Subject to the successful outcome of the Australian and in-theatre trials, Army intends to roll the DPMU uniform out to deployed troops as quickly as possible.

"Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU)"

The picture above (photo by SGT Brent Tero) illustrates the desert (DPDU) and standard colourways alongside the new Mid-Point variaton.

"New Disruptive Pattern Mid-Point Uniform (DPMU)"

Here is a clearer view of the colours (photo by SGT Brent Tero). Visit the Australian DoD web gallery for Operation Slipper to see more.


image of the day

21 05 2010

Image of the Day: 21 May 2010

Army administrator Lance Corporal Jennifer Garraway (bottom right) and Army medic Lance Corporal Nicola Murray (front, centre), both serving with 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland in Helmand province, have become the first British soldiers to attend the American nine-day Female Engagement Team course which was held at the United States Marine Corps base, Camp Leatherneck, near Camp Bastion. The all-female course focuses on interaction with the local Afghan female population, fostering relationships and gaining the trust and support of Afghans whilst patrolling with infantry soldiers. [Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]

new camo for luxembourg?

2 05 2010

A reader from the International Camouflage Uniform Society took this picture of a smock, made in the UK by a small but well known Lancaster military clothing manufacturer, in a camouflage pattern apparently intended for Luxembourg’s armed forces.

"Luxembourg camo smock"

pic courtesy of Mr M. Jaab, ICUS

Interestingly, this pattern is a variation of Finland’s recently introduced M/05 digital camouflage design, which has been seen in summer, winter and snow colour schemes, but not previously in this particular colourway. Edit: I now believe that this is the ‘winter’ pattern, and that flash photography has lightened the colours. See this image for comparison.

Luxembourg’s army is tiny, at less than 1000 members, and so has never before had it’s own camouflage pattern, being clothed instead in surplus US Army woodland camouflage Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) or Belgian desert ‘jigsaw’ pattern attire.  This may herald a change in the everyday dress of the Luxembourg soldier, or it may only be part of a trial to find a new camouflage – as I learn more, you can be sure you will read it here!