brit mtp deployed to helmand

21 04 2010

The first pictures that I’m aware of of the British armed forces wearing their new camouflage design – the Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) – in Afghanistan.

Below is Lt Col Paul James, Commanding Officer of 40 Commando  Royal Marines taking over the  Sangin area of operations in Helmand province, from Lt Col Nick Kitson, CO, 3 Rifles.

"MTP at FOB Jackson, Afghanistan"

MTP at FOB Jackson, Afghanistan

In the photo below, we can see that although helmet covers in the new pattern have already been issued, load-bearing vests, webbing and gloves have not. The figure in desert DPMs, helping to load the Chinook HC2 does not appear to be a member of the  Royal Marines.

RM Commandos in MTP camo load a transport helicopter in Afghanistan

RM Commandos in new MTP uniforms load a transport helicopter at Camp Bastion, Helmand, Afghanistan.

Read the story behind the pictures on the excellent Helmand Blog.




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21 04 2010
First Operational Use of MTP « Soldier Systems

[…] to Dom Hyde for identifying the source as the photos as the Helmland […]

22 04 2010
Crye Multicam

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22 04 2010
Photos of MTP in Action @ Rubber Ducks Airsoft – Covering the North-East of Scotland

[…] to Dom Hyde for identifying the source as the photos as the Helmland Blog. Soldiersytems Tags: camo, crye, […]

23 04 2010

1 MERCIAN soldier on patrol with MTP osprey cover so some are getting through.
I quite like the desert DPM in combo as seen in the picture above as it brings more brown to the overall pattern; although multicam and MTP seem quite good at drawing/tricking the eye to differing amounts of the brown and green mix depending on lighting and background.

23 04 2010
23 04 2010
Dom Hyde

See today’s ‘image of the day’ featuring that picture. It’s actually one of the patterns that was trialled under the PECOC program specifically for use on webbing and vests. Here’s a small example of it:

UK Hybrid DPM pattern, PECOC program

24 04 2010

Damn! Good eye Dom (posts probably crossed each other) the added closeup makes it very clear. I think this is the first time that I’ve seen that PECOC ‘Congolese Child Soldier Cam’ (credit: ARRSE) actually looking like half decent in complementing an overall scheme.

27 05 2010

The DPM colours on the PECOC gear look more effective than I thought they would. I still think that including the green into one or two of the colours would have been more effective because the bottle green is not very effective, a dark colour (where the black usually is) would have been good for contrast. Why did they not issue DPM uniforms with the PECOC colours?
Is the load bearing equipment and body armour being made in MTP also? I must say MTP is greener than I would have expected.

28 05 2010
Фото бойцов разных стран, одетых в MultiCam « Charlie Company

[…] часть своих войск, находящихся в Афганистане. Источник. Армия Черногории не хочет отставать от своих больших […]

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