camo comparison

4 09 2009

Over on Strike-Hold!, Lawrence has put together a bunch of photo’s showing how Bulldog’s Mirage camouflage compares to MultiCam and the US Army’s Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). The States are re-evaluating their ground-troops’ camo uniform in the light of a less-than-satisfactory performance from their  grey* toned UCP in Afghanistan. It’s expected that Crye’s MultiCam will participate in the contest, and maybe some other recently developed patterns will be in the running too. Lawrence’s photo shoot gives some idea of how these likely contenders appear side-by-side in the same light and environmental conditions.

Mirage, MultiCam, UCP side by side

Mirage, MultiCam, UCP side by side

*UCP’s colours are officially Desert Sand, Urban Gray and Foliage Green. To all intents and purposes that’s cream, light steel grey and medium slate grey.




4 responses

14 09 2009

Better, but not the best.

14 09 2009

yeah, i saw this up on strike hold. considering that this was an independant study using what will probably be the some of the obvious choices for the US evaluation, i’m suprised that they didn’t put your Pencott pattern in as a wild card. don’t think i need to explain why…

23 09 2009

I agree, certainly PenCott with all terrain style colours like sand, khaki and brown.

14 10 2009

john cleese would be proud of em

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