camouflage – the exhibition comes to Canada

11 06 2009

Anyone who got to see the Camouflage exhibition at the Imperial War Museum a couple of years ago will appreciate what a treat is in store for those able to make it to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa this summer. The IWM exhibition has travelled across the pond, and is set to inform and inspire new audiences young and old with its immersive display of concealment techniques, from their hand painted origins in the First World War through to the ultra-modern trend for uniforms designed and manufactured with the aid of sophisticated computer programs.

fashion meets function at the Canadian War Museum's camo exhibition

fashion meets function at the Canadian War Museum's camo exhibition

Follow the link to see more about Camouflage, the exhibition – from battlefield to catwalk.

Unfortunately the exhibition has no examples of the PenCott digital multi-environment camouflage, since the pattern was still being trialled when the Imperial War Museum originally presented the show. However, the two British camoufleurs who inspired Hyde Definition’s creative approach to the design of PenCott feature prominently in the Second World War gallery – Professor Hugh Cott, scientist; and artist Sir Roland Penrose. They offered solutions to the problem of concealment from two sources – that of zoological evolution and of visual psychology. At Hyde Definition we combined these points of view, and thus named the pattern in memory of Penrose and Cott: PenCott.

Camouflage is presented by the Canadian War Museum in partnership with the Imperial War Museum, from June 4, 2009 to January 3, 2010.




3 responses

16 12 2009
Marcin Kolbuszewski

Absolute crap. $12 for admission with the exhbition being a random assembly of camouflage painted items: a few WWI uniforms, one shoe and bunch of toys and pictures of WWI ships. WWII paratrooper dummies (Rupperts).
That is it. Read this site. Save money.

16 12 2009
Dom Hyde

Hmm… sounds like the exhibition has been watered down a lot since I saw it (maybe some of the Imperial War Museum’s own exhibits were used in the original show, and didn’t travel to Canada for this one?). Shame. Did they have any examples of post-war or more contemporary camouflage?

27 12 2009
Marcin Kolbuszewski

I went there after visiting this websit site, and have not learned anything new. Yes, they had a bunch of uniforms from WWI for many countries and a few shelves of toys and they used word disruptive quite often – but not that they would tell what they meant.

The whole exhibition is in one large room. No mention of CADPAT, and nothing (to the best of my memory) of modern kind. Nothing to learn, really. Maybe the only educational part was on razzle dazzle on ships – many images and images from the lab, people testing in scale models. They only section with depth.

I would not be surprised if Canadian gov’t is so paranoid that they consider cadpat that you can see on the streets A LOT (National Defence headquarters are downtown) – “classified”.

Anyhow – your website is the best

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