the lizard is back

18 05 2009

US company EOTAC recently released a retro-styled jacket sporting a reproduction of the French Lizard pattern of the late 1950s and early 1960s (as used in Algeria, and in a darker, jungle coloured, version widely believed to be the precursor to the famous Vietnam era Tiger-stripe camouflage).

The Eotac Lizard pattern jacket

Eotac Lizard camo jacket, via Soldier Systems

To follow this, they have just put out a field vest in a complimentary French Mle 56 style (actually the same style as the jacket, but sleeveless). Visit Soldier Systems for more information about this interesting offering.

digital design is new special operations camo

18 05 2009

In a follow up to a story I linked to earlier this year about an unusual camouflage pattern being worn by some US Navy SEALs (special operations forces), the Soldier Systems blog has acquired some information from the Advance Planning Brief for Industry (APBI) held recently in Springfield, VA. Apparently

the Program Manager for SOF Survival, Support, and Equipment Systems announced that two camouflage patterns known as AOR1 (Desert) and AOR2 (Wooded) would be transitioned in SOF and that certain contracted systems in Khaki and Ranger Green would move to the new color schemes.

These are digital camouflage schemes not dissimilar to the camouflage already issued to the US Marine Corps (Woodland MARPAT and Desert MARPAT). Some kit and clothing has already been manufactured for trials by Beyond Tactical, London Bridge Trading (LBT) and Eagle Industries, and at one point LBT had swatches of the colour ways on their website. What the announcement seems to be saying, however, is that the camouflage is not going to be limited solely to Naval Special Warfare personnel, as had previously been thought, but is for all units operating under USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command).

Image from LBT website

Image from LBT website

AOR2 with a vertical under different lighting conditions

Trial version (?) of AOR2 (thanks to Legit Kit NSW) with vertical alignment. Note different lighting conditions affect perceived colour.

Image from LBT website

Image from LBT website


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