swedish splinter on strike-hold!

11 04 2009

My fellow camouflage enthusiast at Strike-Hold! has posted an interesting article on Sweden’s M/90 camouflage pattern, and the desert variant, M/90K. Read more via this link.



Pictures courtesy of Strike-Hold!




5 responses

12 04 2009

Does Ulrike drive a Saab?
Does she have a fridge made by Husqvarna? The chainsaws are good!
Hallå där! Gröna kamouflage, effectiv in barrskog!
Shame about the black fading to navy blue.
The colours on the desert camo look a bit like they just guessed which colours to use.

16 04 2009

Very nice, when are you going to have stocks back of the PenCott uniform ?

24 04 2009

Soon, my friend. Soon.

Like next week, as it happens!

24 04 2009

“Does Ulrika drive a Saab?”. A Saab drives Ulrika, and a Sven, a Mr. Wright, and everybody else in the village has a go on that bike. 😉

20 04 2011

A bit late in the commenting of this article, but great stuff! I love the M90 pattern. Took me awhile to source a set, but it was worth it… now I want another. 🙂

Really enjoy this site, I visit it fairly often but lurk a lot, this is my first post here. Keep up all the interesting stuff!

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