bizarre bangladeshi bobbies

31 03 2009

Who said police work was dull? These are the subtle and understated uniforms of a Bangladeshi police unit, as seen during the country’s recent general election. Maybe there actually is such a thing as the Fashion Police.



Hat tip to Mr E. Larson at the International Camouflage Uniform Society for bringing this to my attention. Don’t know how I could have missed it!




4 responses

2 04 2009

The pattern is certainly based on US Woodland, it is obviously only for recognition and not for camouflage. When I was in Kenya I saw police wearing DPM in grey tones with yellow where the black would be. I think they should be arrested by the fashion police!

2 04 2009

It’s certainly not based on US Woodland. The Bangladesh army has its own ‘leaf’ pattern, shown here, that has some similarity to the US pattern, but is not the same. It is believed that the police pattern is based on the drawings for the army camouflage, but rotated 90 degrees to give the design a vertical bias.

6 04 2009

Some of the shapes are the same so if it isn’t based on US Woodland it was derived from US Woodland.

30 12 2010

He blends with the ladies in the background. It is urban camo meant to blend with humans

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