bizarre bangladeshi bobbies

31 03 2009

Who said police work was dull? These are the subtle and understated uniforms of a Bangladeshi police unit, as seen during the country’s recent general election. Maybe there actually is such a thing as the Fashion Police.



Hat tip to Mr E. Larson at the International Camouflage Uniform Society for bringing this to my attention. Don’t know how I could have missed it!


cool critter camo

29 03 2009

It’s been a while since I put up any pictures of camouflage in nature, so it is fortunate that the Scienceray web magazine has just published an article by Chan Lee Peng on that very subject.


I particularly like this photo of some ibex against a rock strewn mountain side, demonstrating both the effectiveness of their khaki coloured, countershaded bodies at blending, and the magical way that their black-and-white striped legs can break up and disappear against a ‘noisy’ background.

More fantastic pictures of leaf mimics and disruptively patterned creatures here.

uber urban camouflage

6 03 2009

Thought you’d seen it all with my last entry about weird and wonderful camo applications? Think again! Here is the German take on ‘blending’ – in a supermarket!

tueten03 tueten05

See that pile of yellow carrier bags? It’s actually a bag-lady. There’s other bizarre disguises on the website, which appears to exist for the sole purpose of showcasing this (student?) project.

Thanks to Troels for the tip.