camo in the community

17 02 2009

Optical illusion meets student humour in some of the projects catalogued over on WebUrbanist.


It’s not all impractical, tax-payer funded flights of fantasy though: I particularly liked the idea of kamo kilts (for camo’d Celts?) – watch out for one of those in a neighbourhood near you!

Desert Marpat kilt

Desert Marpat kilt

Predator Fall Brown kilt

Predator Fall Brown kilt




3 responses

1 03 2009

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

6 03 2009
uber urban camouflage « The Camo Side of Dominic Hyde

[…] urban camouflage 6 03 2009 Thought you’d seen it all with my last entry about weird and wonderful camo applications? Think again! Here is the German take on ‘blending’ – in a […]

28 03 2009

Most of the camouflage only works at one angle, it is very effective at the one angle though.
I can’t see US Marines or hunters wearing kilts!

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