PECOC’s colours displayed

14 01 2009

Our colleagues at Soldiers Systems continue to scour teh interwebs to bring you tantalising glimpses of the British Ministry of Defence project PECOC, which aims to enhance soldier efficiency and effectiveness throughout all infantry-based equipment. They’ve found fresh pictures of the temperate and arid regions kit being trialled, including the new ‘multi-environment’ colourway that is to be used on webbing, load bearing vests, pouches and body armour covers.

See the pictures here

*edit: more pictures of the pattern via this link and this link.




5 responses

19 01 2009

I am not impressed at all!
The new ‘multi-environment’ colourway is not that different from 1960 & 1968 pattern combats and the old four tone desert camouflage.
The temperate kit is 1995 pattern fabric.

21 01 2009

Also the new desert camouflage looks like the old four tone desert camouflage with the lightest colour omitted.

3 04 2009

I saw an experimental British (sniper) pattern at the Imperial War Museum camouflage exhibition a couple of years back: totally unlike DPM, with pale colours more like Multicam. Anyone know anything about it?

6 04 2009

Was it a modern one? I don’t recall such a pattern, unless you mean the second picture on this slideshow?

24 06 2009

its not what it looks like its what it can do 4 us

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