Christmas in camo? Multicam bathrobes cover all bases

9 12 2008

Saw this on Soldier Systems and just had to share it with you: If you already have some camouflaged toilet paper, but need to remain tactical when travelling to and from the bathroom, these bathrobes (dressing-gowns in the UK) manufactured in Multicam fabric should do the job. Multicam is designed to be effective in many environments, which maybe even includes the bedroom or bathroom, who knows?


They are made by Wilderness Tactical Products and come in short or long flavours, as shown.

I’m offering a prize for the best caption to this pic (photo courtesy of Wilderness Tactical Products) – post your suggestions in the comments box.




8 responses

9 12 2008

Worryingly, this guy looks like my next-door neighbour. I have to suppress envious thoughts that he may be moonlighting as a millionaire playboy with a camo fetish 😉

10 12 2008

Man “You look very fetching in your bathrobe, I almost didn’t see you there!”
Woman “Thanks, we might bump into each other again!”

13 12 2008

Woman: “Did you splatter toothpaste on your robe – or are you really excited to see me? ;-)”

17 02 2009

If I say you’ve got a beautiful camo body, would you hold it against me?

I hope their children are appropriately outfitted with camo baby bedding. 😉

17 04 2009

How about Multicam BDU’s for babies?

23 04 2009

Um,how the heck did I end up on such a weird Blind date? Just wait til I get my hands on Dorothy from the typing pool!

21 05 2009

Kinda reminds me off the hooded overshirt my mom made for me when I was in Saudi during Desert Shield. The issue of our Chocolate Chip Desert Cammies had been delayed so she shipped me an oversized belted knee legnth shirt made from the same Chocolate Chip Desert Material, and a Kimono/Robe pattern

1 04 2010
Rob Cluett

Honey, I can hear you but I can’t see you. Where are you?

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