how the modernist movement made mariners miss

9 12 2008

I love Dark Roasted Blend. I could (and do) spend hours wandering and wondering through their vast archives of the bizarre, banal and sublime.

One particular entry, though has some crossover relevance to this blog – it’s all about the weird and wonderful dazzle camouflage designs painted on merchant and military ships during the World Wars, which provided effective deception against optical range-finding and target tracking, until seaborne radar was adopted.

USS Leviathan

Read all about it here.


Christmas in camo? Multicam bathrobes cover all bases

9 12 2008

Saw this on Soldier Systems and just had to share it with you: If you already have some camouflaged toilet paper, but need to remain tactical when travelling to and from the bathroom, these bathrobes (dressing-gowns in the UK) manufactured in Multicam fabric should do the job. Multicam is designed to be effective in many environments, which maybe even includes the bedroom or bathroom, who knows?


They are made by Wilderness Tactical Products and come in short or long flavours, as shown.

I’m offering a prize for the best caption to this pic (photo courtesy of Wilderness Tactical Products) – post your suggestions in the comments box.

PECOC update

2 12 2008

A couple of months back I ran a piece from the Mail Online about the British Army’s Personal Equipment Common Operational Clothing (PECOC) project. Seems a little more info has surfaced on the web, and the guys at Soldier Systems were there first again. Read more here.

Spock style shirt at Soldier Systems

2 12 2008

You’ve got to see this to believe it: A camouflage pattern featuring Leonard Nimoy’s (Mr Spock) face.


I won’t spoil the fun by telling you why such a thing was created – get on over to Soldier Systems and find out for yourself!