QuikCamo™ instant face concealment

16 09 2008

Maybe you’re a hunter or a serious angler. Maybe you play airsoft/softair or paintball. Maybe you rob banks,* or maybe you just have a real problem with acne! Whatever reason you might have to cover your face, here’s a practical way to do it, without resorting to cam-cream or bandit neckerchiefs:

QuikCamo™ is billed as The Ultimate Hunting Accessory – a patent pending combination of “HEALTH & STEALTH TECHNOLOGY”. Features include • Scent Bandit™ anti-microbial technology• Hides your shining face in just two seconds• Won’t impair your hearing• Eyewear compatible• Protects your neck and ears from harmful UV rays• Quick drying / moisture wicking / breathable• Scent reduction technology.

Mossy Oak and their new partners, Doug Niedrich and Warren (Nick) Nichols of GameFaceGear LLC located in Sun Valley, Idaho, are pleased to announce their patent-pending product. QuikCamo™ is a hat/face concealment system that was referred to by Cabelas’ head-wear buyer as the “the next generation of head wear.” QC will initially be available in Mossy Oak New Breakup. QC’s unique design at first appears to be a normal outdoor cap, but it can also quickly provide UV protection for the neck and ears. When needed, QC can be rotated 180 degrees with one hand and hunters will never need to put down their bows or guns again. QC is fast and easy face concealment. Nichols said, “our product is eye-wear compatible and will not impair your hearing. The high tech, anti-microbial, scent reducing, breathable and moisture wicking fabrics make this product a pleasure to wear.” Niedrich said, “QuikCamo is so fast it will make your hat spin and is a red neck’s best friend.” He also pointed out that many people will appreciate the fact that the mask can be tucked up conveniently under their hat.

QuikCamo™ is available from Summit Surplus, and other good state-side hunting stores. I think it would look really slick in Hyde Definition’s new PenCott™ open-ground camouflage, too.

PenCott™ digital fractal camouflage

PenCott™ digital fractal camouflage

*This author wishes to emphasise that he does NOT condone bank robbery with face-masks, or indeed bank robbery without face-masks. No matter how bad the perp’s acne may be.




3 responses

18 09 2008
Richard B

I can understand why anglers would want to cover their faces in case anyone they know might recognise them, but why would they need to camouflage themselves really?

Surely it doesn’t matter to their prey… i.e. the fish.

Maybe a good idea for anglers angling without a licence or on private property!

18 09 2008

No, you’ve got to be cammed (almost) to the eyeballs if you’re stalking carp: They’re crafty and alert. They watch you from the shadows… If they don’t like the look of your face they won’t come out to play, so best to wear make-up camo-cream or an executioners hood. That will stun them into complete compliance. Then you can just whistle and they’ll leap into your keep-net! Promise.

Have you never heard the expression “off for a crafty carp down by the river?”

14 10 2009

camo face paint

movement attracts attention so flipping a cap will attract attention

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