Polish camouflage t-shirt

19 08 2008

Epic Militaria stock all sorts of military uniforms, insignia and equipment for re-enactors, enthusiasts and collectors, including a range of t-shirts in various contemporary and historical camouflage patterns.

t-shirt in Polish camo

t-shirt in Polish camo

This interesting camo is currently employed by the Polish Army. Called the Pantera (or Panther) pattern, it`s a rare pattern to find in modern camouflage t-shirts. If you want to be unique, you`ll not see many other people wearing this camo!




2 responses

31 08 2008

I have seen the Pantera camouflage pattern first hand and it is not that effective because there is too little contrast. The pattern looks like Olivedrab from only thirty metres or so. The colours are very accurate but the shapes are too simple.

31 08 2008

I think that colourwise, Pantera is one of the most effective schemes currently fielded. The contrast between colours is fine, but, as you say, the shapes are what lets it down. It needs to have larger areas of light grey-brown to improve the disruption effect at distance.

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