custom camo for your carbine

18 08 2008



The Gundoctor really knows a thing or two about guns`n`camo: you really won`t believe the quality and effectiveness of his DuraCoat camouflage schemes. This savage looking sniper rifle is fitted with a sound suppressor, so as well as not seeing it, you won`t hear it either. I wonder if it`s named “Whispering Death” or something?




7 responses

18 08 2008

Thanks much, Mr. Hyde.

19 08 2008

No problemo. You do a great job.

31 08 2008

The camouflage pattern is well designed and looks very effective. I have seen a rifle with Mossy Oak Treestand camouflage on the stock but the scope and barrel were black, so it was not that effective. The only downside with a pattern as opposed to scrim is that the silhouette is not changed, if the rifle was lying down flat on the ground that would not be a problem.

9 09 2008

With the right camo and at least 100yds of distance between you even your silhouette bleaches into the surroundings. It’s enough that an animal or an untrained (human) eye wouldn’t notice the weapon.

9 09 2008

Take a look at the FAL at the address below. Even at close range the silhouette begins to fade.

28 03 2009

The grey looks a bit bluish.

14 10 2009

great looking camo on gravel but so is UCP

BTW domhyde you will often ear a rifle w a suppressor but it will confuse as to its position unlike a rifle w no suppressor. Picture above looks like a 5.56 it will probably be about as loud as a 22 lr

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