Land Rover ad campaign courts military

31 08 2008

These eye-catching digital images by ad-agency Rees Bradley Hepburn form part of an advertising campaign commissioned by Land Rover, aimed at high ranking government and military officials.

Very slick, but the camouflage is possibly a little too similar to the CCE (Camouflaged Cheese Eater’s) pattern of the Surrender Monkey’s.

Still with me? Good. These ads are yet to appear online, so thanks to Casualty of Design for the scoop!


the curious tale of the seal in the desert

24 08 2008

To find out more about why this photo of a US Navy special forces SEAL piqued the curiosity of military buffs and camouflage collectors worldwide, visit the Strike-Hold! special operations and elite forces blog, where all will be revealed!

Thanks to Lawrence at Strike-Hold! for the picture.

scientists claim closer to success with invisibility shield

20 08 2008

Looks like a great story, doesn`t it? From scence fiction to science fact. But the full scoop from Defence Tech is another example of “nothing to see here, move along please”.

There is a pie in the sky - can you see it?

There is a pie in the sky - can you see it?

The article states that

according to Dr. Richard Hammond, a theoretical physicist with the Optical Physics and Imaging Science department of the Army Research Office, engineers are closer than they’ve ever been to developing a material that can bend light around an object rendering it invisible to certain wavelengths — light being one of them.

It claims

there are some significant obstacles to making a usable “invisibility cloak,” however.

But get this:

“in early applications we could shield an object from radar,” Hammond added.

So apparently some boffins have reinvented RAM (radar absorbent material) as used on stealth planes and ships. Whoopee-frickin`-doo!

Hey, you know what? I`ve come up with this great concept: It`s basically a disc with a hole in the middle. I think if you put some sort of rod through the hole you could rotate the disc around it, and if you had a disc on the other end, you would be able to hold the rod off the ground with them. I call it a centrally rotating axial perambulation device. I`m sure there must be thousands of practical applications for it. Perhaps the guys at the Army Research Office could find a use for it. If they haven`t already invented it, that is.

Polish camouflage t-shirt

19 08 2008

Epic Militaria stock all sorts of military uniforms, insignia and equipment for re-enactors, enthusiasts and collectors, including a range of t-shirts in various contemporary and historical camouflage patterns.

t-shirt in Polish camo

t-shirt in Polish camo

This interesting camo is currently employed by the Polish Army. Called the Pantera (or Panther) pattern, it`s a rare pattern to find in modern camouflage t-shirts. If you want to be unique, you`ll not see many other people wearing this camo!

custom camo for your carbine

18 08 2008


The Gundoctor really knows a thing or two about guns`n`camo: you really won`t believe the quality and effectiveness of his DuraCoat camouflage schemes. This savage looking sniper rifle is fitted with a sound suppressor, so as well as not seeing it, you won`t hear it either. I wonder if it`s named “Whispering Death” or something?

there`s no camo like snow camo…

18 08 2008

OK, I know that some car fanatics and petrol-heads will have seen this already – but for the rest of you, here is what Swedish pro skier Jon Olsson drives around in – a Lamborghini Gallardo in a custom snow camouflage scheme. Clearly inspired by his native country`s splinter style camo uniforms. I think it`s ice cold!

Swedish M90 camouflage pattern

Swedish M90 camouflage pattern

Via Ekhatch and 6speedonline

do you crave gadgets?

18 08 2008

Here`s a blog for all you gadget and gizmo geardos out there. It has a camo category, which is why I`m showin` the love here. Check it out!